Strawpoll votes Hack 100% working 2020 trick. Solve VPN User Not allowed.

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How to Solve VPN User Not allowed And Hack strawpoll votes 100% working 2020 trick.

How to Solve VPN User Not allowed And Hack strawpoll votes 100% working 2020 trick.

watch my new video this will help for hack strawpoll  New method

New latest trick 2020 in hindi today we will learn how to hack starwpoll Have you ever wondered how to cheat on online you often fail in your poll.So we are here for you.

आज में आपको बताऊंगा online strawpoll को कैसे हैक करते है, तो आप इस पोस्ट को पूरा पड़ना,

strawpoll votes hack
strawpoll votes hack

Hack strawpoll votes 100% working 2020 trick.

The votes of an online competition are continuously tracked with the help of many technologies some of them are very easy to crack if you know how the system is designed.

mobile method
  • You need Mobile data enabled on your device.
  • download any web browser from play store.
  • if you connected to wifi , then please disable your wifi connection or turn it off
  • on your mobile data, this trick work only with mobile data.
  • copy link of your poll.
  • after that you have to open browser then vote your favorite one.
  • then close the browser and clear data and cache of browser. from app manager from ( setting )
  • then turn on your flight mode on your mobile device for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • after that turn it off , then open your web browser again.
  • paste the copied link and vote again, repeat this process for voting.
  • video tutorial click here & watch this video

why this trick works reason is strawpoll count votes with ip address , when we are turn on flight mode our ip address turn off,

when we turn it on the mobile device connected to new ip address.


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